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Posted: Sun May. 10, 2009 10:54 pm
May 10, 2009

Well I can confirm that some of those wild boar have escaped from Corbin Park. I had a nearly close encounter with a group today. After arriving at Salem's lot to work on the wet area today, I sat for a while and had lunch. The wind was blowing 15 mph +- and I was up wind from the beasts. The wind and the fact that I was being quiet eating lunch is probably what did not alarm them to my presence.

At first I kept hearing this squealing noise like someone had a really badly rubbing disc brake or something but as it drew closer and louder I began to wonder what the heck was making that noise.

At this point I began to see some dark shadows in the distance. When they got to within about 50 yards I got a better view and realized there was at least two very large adults and a heard of little ones. I wouldn't be surprised if the adults were upwards of 200 - 300 pounds.

As they continued to advance on my location with a weird random pattern I began to get a little unnerved about the situation, unnerved enough to start looking for the nearest decent tree to take refuge in.

Much to my surprise I discovered I can still get up a tree in much the same fashion as I can put the hammer down when a dog is chasing me on a road bike. As I was climbing the tree I could see the boar had advanced to within 25 yards or so of my location.

After maneuvering for a better position in the tree I looked up again to discover those beasts had just vanished, no movement no noise, just gone like the wind.

Either those woods are haunted or those beasts finally discovered they were not alone.

After coming down from my perch, what really started to bother me was those predators that eat the boar might be lurking near by. Every twig snap had my head spinning for the rest of the afternoon.

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