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  • Newport Town Forest - AKA "The Pinnacle" - Newport, NH
    • Team Pinnacle's first love, the town forest is anything but flat and offers access to an extensive network of ever expanding trails both in the Town Forest and to adjacent private land. The trail system offers technical and physically challenging terrain sure to put a smile on your face. Bring your climbing legs.
    • Home of the following races:
    • 2020-05-22 Pinnacle / Newport Town Forest Trail Map
    • Photo Tour of the Pinnacle
    • Location: The town forest is located off route 10 just north of the town center behind the Newport high School and Recreation Complex. There are 2 primary access points. The most prominent one being located behind the track at the Recreation Complex but for the person looking to moderate the climb to the top of Pinnacle mountain a second and equally good choice is located at the end of Summer Street in town (take route 11 east out of town and left onto Summer Street roughly across from Coronis Market just after you crest the first hill, drive to the end of the pavement and park on the right).
  • Moody Park - Claremont, NH
    • Moody Park is part of the Claremont Public Parks system and offers some of the easiest riding our area has to offer and is a great place for people just starting out to spread their wings. That said, it's most notable feature is "Gravity Cavity" which will strike fear in the hearts of any beginner and sure to put a smile on the face of more advanced riders. This feature alone is worth the trip to Moody.
    • Home of:
      • All Out Mountain Bike Weekend NECS mtb cross country race
      • All Out Trail Run - Western NH Trail Running Series race
    • Map & Brochure
    • Claremont Parks & Recreation Website
    • Location: Moody Park is located in Claremont, NH off Maple Avenue.
  • Arrowhead - Claremont, NH
    • Arrowhead is part of the Claremont Public Parks system and offers year round recreation including mountain biking in the summer and skiing in the winter. Arrowhead itself offers primarily downhill mtb routes but is connected to a vast array of cross country mountain biking if you know where your going.
    • Home of the All Out Mountain Bike Weekend mtb downhill race
    • Claremont Parks & Recreation Website
    • Location: Arrowhead is located in Claremont, NH off South Street behind the Sugar River Technical School.
  • R.H. Webb Forest Preserve - Sunapee, NH
    • Webb Forest is a step up from Moody Park in technical and physical ability but it's a step down from the Pinnacle. Webb Forest is a great place to ride and offers a variety of terrain not present at some of the other local resources.
    • Home of:
    • Trail Map - 2002
    • Location: Webb Forest is located off Harding Hill Rd in Sunapee, NH. Harding Hill Rd is off rt 103 between rt 11 and rt 103b about a mile west of the circle for Mt Sunapee Ski area and State Park.
  • Cornish Town Forest - Cornish, NH
    • Cornish Town Forest is home to no official races but offers some of the most technical and physically challenging terrain our area has to offer. If your idea of fun is riding for 2+- hours and never going further than 6-8 miles then the Cornish Town Forest is the place for you. It is highly recommended to ride the Forest in a group for safety reasons due to the technically demanding nature of the Forest.
    • Location: The Cornish Town Forest is located in Cornish, NH adjacent the Claremont town line. Coming from Claremont take rt 12 west heading towards I-91 in VT, make right onto Clay Hill Rd (across from Plains Rd and sign to Amtrak station), left onto Paddy Hollow Rd, and follow Paddy Hollow all the way to the end where you will see the primary parking area on the right.
    • Map & Info (2001, oldie but goodie, colored trails remain more or less intacted and are well marked and easy to follow, however there are numerous unmarkeds sprinkled throughout.)
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