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Posted: Wed May. 11, 2011 7:57 am
[b:f94a3b6df5]*** just made ride map public please re-check if you were previously blocked***[/b:f94a3b6df5]

Time: Sunday at 7:30 AM

Location: Grantham park and ride lot off I-89

Route: - I have not checked if all roads are actually open and or really exist so the route may involve some changes. Also, I could not find gravel sections around the south end of Lake Sunapee to connect to Newport without adding a huge amount of mileage. Sorry - I would like more gravel also.

Speed: Pace will be firm with little or no waiting - trying to finish in under 5 hours.

Tire Recommendation: 700x35 - I am probably going with a flat center section for the paved portions and knobs on the side for turning on dirt.

[b:f94a3b6df5]FYI - if there is heavy rain, which is the forecast so far, this ride will be cancelled - please email if you were interested in this ride[/b:f94a3b6df5]
Forum -> Road Rides -> Sunday - gravel grinder
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