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Posted: Thu Nov. 17, 2011 11:33 am
Thanks to Brian, most of the trails are blown. Get out and enjoy them before the snow flies. Just remember it is still hunting season so wear your bright colors and make plenty of noise.

Also note, Dodd's logging continues in the area of Fern Alley & the O'Neill trail intersection along Summer St. Please plan your loops accordingly. Anything including Fern Alley is not recommended. Currently if you wish to ride Backlash (remember the log), you can exit right onto Salem's Lot for a short interruption of the trail or you can connect right to Brake Burner just after the steep switchbacks and take that to Salem's Lot or all the way to the bottom to Summer St. Please note Brake Burner is an Advanced steep downhill not for the faint at heart. Going the other way it is also possible to ride up the very bottom section of Brake Burner to Salem's Lot. If you are going down O'Neill trail and wish to avoid the Logging area you can take a left at the Salem's Lot Extension intersection, or near the end take a left followed by another quick left where is crosses the double track LaFountaine trail. This will take you to Summer St on an unmarked double track and avoid most of the Logging. Bear Trap to Outback to Coit is also still a good option.

Forum -> Trail Work & Conditions -> Trails are Freshly Blown 11/17/2011
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