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Posted: Tue May. 08, 2007 8:03 am
I'm laying there in bed last night about midnight just about to fall asleep and there is a loud POP HHIISSSSSS! At first I thought it was our refrigerator compressor going to the great compressor yard in the sky or something, then I quickly realized a tire on my road bike had just SPONTANIOUSLY EXPIRED! Meanwhile my wife is still going what the H... was that, are we under attack or something, go find out what that is!

Not the calm soothing atmosphere one might like to fall asleep by, but it could have been much worse, I could have been 50 miles from home in the middle of nowhere having already replaced my only spare, no cell phone, and no ride buddies, that would have really sucked, in retrospect this.... this wasn't so bad, in fact it was probably the best time for it to happen.

At this point my wife is still saying things like "that was really loud" as I'm getting back into bed, having inspected the situation and confirmed my hypothesis. I reply with, "that was nothing, you should have heard Gurney's wheel on his mtb when the rim let go, THAT WAS LOUD! I thought someone really had fired a round at us from very close range, this.... this was just a bump in the night."

Forum -> The Strange & The Wild -> Spontaneous Tire Expulsion
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