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Posted: Mon Feb. 25, 2008 10:17 pm
February 23, 2008

Greetings to all CCD club members!

The 2008 season is right around the corner. We can get an earlier start this year, as the daylight savings time change is earlier this year, at March 9th.

Club membership renewal.

Please renew your membership by filling out the application form and release (either at the CycleDepot shop or online) at and mailing it to BRUCE PAULSON, 31 UNITY ROAD, NEWPORT, NH 03773 along with your check for $25. Your membership fee entitles you to:

? A 15% discount on merchandise and labor, at Claremont Cycle Depot.
? Significant discounts on club clothing.
? Free use of bike shipping boxes
? Race fee reimbursement and DepotBux incentives for racing
? Networking for road and mountain group rides
? Discounted entry fees at the Tuesday night Claremont point series race

Membership includes the responsibility to help during at least one club sponsored event over the season. This is not optional. Next year?s renewal form will require you to list your at-least-once contribution to the club.

You have many opportunities to help:

Lake Sunapee Road Race, May 17 ? This race is our biggest staffing challenge.
Tuesday night points race ? any Tuesday throughout the season
Six in the Stix trail run ? June 7
All out in Moody Park - June 28 and 29 (DH MTB, XC MTB, and Trail Run)
The Pinnacle ? July 13
The Claremont Crit ? July 19
The Pinnacle Challenge ? October 5

If you need help contacting the promoters for any of these events to volunteer, just drop me an email Thank you.

Club clothing:

Brian Currier has done an outstanding job of redesigning the club jersey, and has organized the club clothing buy well in advance of the spring rush. His prior email to you, with links, is copied below. We owe him a big thank you for taking on the clothing order duty, and for doing it in such a prompt and professional manner.
We are excited to be offering new gear for club members for the upcoming cycling season. This year the offerings are being expanded to include shorts, gloves, socks, and jackets along with the jerseys. Attached with this e-mail you will find an order form, sizing chart, and design concepts. These are not the final proofs from the supplier, but will give you the general idea of what the 2008 kit will look like. This will be the jersey you must wear during 2008 events to receive race reimbursement. You must be a current CCD bike club member to purchase this gear. The latest club membership form can be found on the club website, or you can sign up at Cycle Depot. One last rule, you must buy at least one jersey in order to purchase any of the other gear being offered. Our goal is to have the new clothing in you hands by May 5th. In order to achieve this goal, we must have your completed order form and payment no later than February 29th. The low prices listed on the order form are based on us reaching the low minimums required by our supplier (we only need 10 jerseys ordered) and acquiring 5-6 sponsors (2 are already committed). I am confident the minimums will be met, but would request a small surcharge at pick-up if they are not. We will send an e-mail when clothing is ready and you will be able to pick up your order at Cycle Depot. If you have questions please e-mail
Brian Currier
? - 2008 Membership Form
? - Design
? - Sizing chart
? - Order form

It is imperative you get your order to Brian, with a payment, by the end of February, if we are to get your order in on time. The benefit of such an early order is? jerseys - at the start of the season!

We thank our sponsors Lambert Auto, Red River Computer, Town & Country Reprographics, and All Seasons Construction (and hopefully two more sponsors in the wings) for making our club clothing so affordable.

Depot Bux

The 2007 Claremont Depot Bux tally is in! We owe John Lambert our thanks for funding this program in addition to funding the Race Fee Reimbursements.

The $1500 Depot Bux pool breaks down as follows:

Brian Currier, $488; Dan O?Neill, $262: Nathan Richer, $214; PJ Lovely, $161; Jesse Shull, $113, Brian Highhouse, $105: Ken Wiley, $61; Paulette Buchholz, $44; John Abrahmson, $31, and Rachel Clattenburg, $22.

Your Depot Bux will be on file at Claremont Cycle Depot as a store credit. You can still get your 15% discount on any purchase as usual, and then pay for your purchase with any available Depot Bux.

There are two ways to rack up Depot Bux: 1) Enter races, and 2) Win them. The top earners in our club did both ? often!

Club Officers

Your current club officers are:

Rick Holmes ? Secretary
Bruce Paulson ?Treasurer
Nelson Aldrich ? Vice President
Mark Gurney ? President

All of us are will be glad to remain in our posts for another season except for Bruce Paulson, who would like to step down as Treasurer. We thank Bruce for his service in such an important position. We are fortunate that Brian Currier has offered to fill the Treasurer?s post. I would have endorsed Brian for the position before I saw how well he managed the clothing order. I hope that you would accept him as your Club?s treasurer. However, if you would like to nominate someone (or yourself) for any club officer?s position, please let me know and will put you up for election at our upcoming meeting.

Club Meeting

Please join us for a club meeting downstairs at Claremont Cycle Depot on Saturday, March 1st, at 6:30 PM. The official agenda will be the (re)election of club officers, a short summary of the club?s finances, and a ceremonial award of Depot Bux points. This will also be your last chance to get in a clothing order. Unofficially, we can all lie how much we?re not training this winter. Please come and join us ? it?s your club, and we welcome any input or any help. Please email me at if you plan on coming, we?re planning on having filet mignon with a nice merlot sauce? or maybe pizza.

Club Member Communication

There are two ways you can communicate with your club members via the web. The first is with the Club Rider Mail, at Your user name is your email address, and your password is ?bike2653?. The second way is to visit, click on message board, and then CCD Bike Club info. Any visitor can view the board, and you can post messages after a quick and painless login (that keeps the spammers out.)

Lake Sunapee Road Race

The Lake Sunapee Road Race is being held this year on May 17th. Please mark your calendars, because the club needs your help.

The Sunapee race is the longest continually running bike race in New England. The race is co-sponsored by CCD bike club and the S&W Racing Team. It is a famous, prestigious race, and it is our responsibility, as local cyclists, to support it.

Unfortunately, this road race needs 65+ people to run the race. The local police forces will not let the race begin without a sufficient number of corner marshals, nor will USCF officials allow the race to begin without sufficient pace vehicles and wheel vans. Setup is needed the evening before, and registration requires a few good people too.

Please contact Chris Naimie at or 603 763 9525 to volunteer for the race. Please let Chris know you are a CCD member, and if you wish to work setup the evening prior to the race, registration the morning of, drive a pace or wheel van during the race, or work tear down/clean up after the race.

I?ve driven wheel vans a few times, and it?s a fun way to watch a race. If you?ve never ridden in a road race before, driving a support vehicle is a great way to familiarize yourself with how the peloton works. If you drive, you will be given detailed instructions and a fair stipend for gas money.

Claremont Points Series

The Point Series at the Claremont Speedway begins Tuesday evening, May 6th. The B race starts at 6:00, the A race follows. John Lambert and Nelson Aldrich work hard to make this series happen, for which we thank them. Entry fee is $8, $5 for club members. A UCF license is mandatory; a one-day is $10, an annual is $60.

Again this year, the CCD club will cover the entry fee and one-day license for first timers at the track. (This is a for real first timers who have never been to the track on a bicycle before). The club will also cover the entry fee for Juniors (under 18) throughout the season.

Sunday Ascutney Rides

The Sunday morning rides from the I-91 exit 8 Park-and-Ride will start May 4th at 10:00 (rides begin at 9:00 in June).

Team Pinnacle Rides

Watch the message board on the Team Pinnacle website for updates on Wednesday evening and weekend rides. The Newport crew is generally on the road early in the season until the woods dry up a little.


Club Meeting Saturday March 1st at 6:30 at Claremont Cycle Depot. Please RSVP Pizza will be provided.

Membership renewal -, along with your check for $25.

Clothing order form email Brian Currier at with club clothing questions. Order is due Feb 29th!

Lake Sunapee Road Race May 17. Please contact Chris Naimie at or 603 763 9525 for your race day assignment.

The Point Series at the Claremont Speedway begins the Tuesday, May 6th, the B race starts at 6:00.

The Sunday morning Ascutney road rides begin May 4th at 10:00.

Depot Bux awards are on file at Cycle Depot.

Wishing you the best in Cycling,

Mark Gurney
CCD Bike Club

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Posted: Wed Feb. 27, 2008 7:46 pm
Carpool to the CCD meeting leaving at Lovely's at 6:00 PM. Plenty of parking at the Richards School lot.


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Posted: Thu Feb. 28, 2008 6:14 am
I will see you at 6:00.

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Posted: Sat Mar. 01, 2008 12:53 pm
I'll be there too.

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Posted: Sat Mar. 01, 2008 2:43 pm
Gurney will be there, too.
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