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Posted: Sun Apr. 27, 2008 7:19 pm
Below is a posting of a recent email sent out by John Lambert:

Looking for volunteers for the usual jobs.

The race is fast approaching, May 17th.

Nelson and I am responsible for the setup and tear down of the event.
Those who assist would be able to race as all the work is done before and after the race..Dah..

Will need 6 volunteers the Friday before the race at the start line, Mt Sunapee access road, 4:00 PM. Sweep bad spots and put up signs at cross roads around the course.

We will set up the snow fence, sponsor banners, vehicle staging area signs, wire for power.We should be done by 5:30

Saturday Registration starts at 7:00 AM and we need to Finish up cones on road for two way traffic, set up start banner and start line, directional signs up for traffic. That should take about one hour, 7 to 8, and need 6 people.

Please contact me if you can assist. Remember as a club member you are responsible to volunteer for one of our events to receive club benefits, and we have lots of bucks for race reimbursement fees this year. So GYA to CYA and have fun doing it.

The volunteers are invited to an after race reception at the Mountain Edge Resort Tavern located across the highway from the Bob Skinners ski shop. Go up the hill and around the back to the resort main entrance, it is just off the lobby. Finger food on us. Buy YOB.

Please contact me.


John Lambert
603 477 4848 or 543 0188

PS, Contact Chris Naimie if you would like to assist for other jobs.

John has described setup and teardown above. Other jobs for which we need assistance, are:

Registration: Most, if not all racers are preregisted. As you work registration, racers in line will identify themsleves, you look up their number on a sheet provided for you, then give them their number, wish them well, and send them on their way. If you say to them "Now that's a GREAT number", most of them will believe you and start the race with the belief that they just might win...

Corner Marshall: You will be assigned a minor corner, at which you will control vehicular traffic to keep racers safe. All the major intersections are controlled by police officers, so corner marshalling is a pretty low stress job. If you are on an uphill section, it's a nice touch to give some cheerful encouragement to the racers who get dropped from their peloton, but are still battling on solo. Bring a spouse, a friend, appropriate clothing, maybe a folding chair, and enjoy a front row seat to watch the race.

Pace vehicle: You will drive your vehicle ahead ahead of your assigned peloton, staying in front of the leaders. With flashers on, you are alerting corner marshalls, police officers, and other drivers that a peloton is coming.

Wheel van: (My favorite job) You will drive your vehicle behind your assigned peloton (a van is not necessary, but you will need to transport at least ten or so wheels), occasionally stopping to swap a wheel for someone who has a flat. With flashers on, you are signaling to others that a peloton is in front of you.

Pace vehicle and wheel van drivers are given explicit, written instructions, and a generous stipend for gas. Drivers should arrive prepared to drive non-stop for about two hours, which will go by very quickly. I especially like this job when it's raining, in the forties, and I think "I'm so glad I'm not one of them" as I adjust the heat in my truck and take a sip of coffee.

Marshalls and drivers also receive T-shirts, and are invited to the after race reception.

Please let John ( know if you will work setup, and let Chris Naimie ( know if you will work as a Marshall or driver.

The UCF requires pace cars and wheel vans, or the race will not start, and local Law Enforcement will not let the race start unless Corner Marshalls are present. Recent races came dangerously close to not starting due to not enough people being available to help. Some folks who worked setup also worked regsitration and then drove vehicles because we didn't have enough volunteers. Please don't let that happen again this year - please volunteer to help.

Thank you.

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