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Road Cycling Lear Hill Loop - 20.5 miles - Individual Times Road Cycling
 Rank   Pacers   Time   Offset   Pace   Date   Comments   Conditions 
1 Brian 00:57:31 0:00:00 21.39 mph 2006-08-06 Leer Hill is not a very fun road. Sunny, 65-80° F, No Humidity, Light Breeze
2 Dan 00:58:30 0:00:59 21.03 mph 2006-08-07 Traffic is an issue on this loop as well as the STOP signs and Traffic Signal. I started from my house and started the time at the Citgo station. Bike felt funny (heavy) on 103 near the vet and I noticed my rear brake was dragging. I pulled up the lock and road the course with front brake only. Partly Cloudy, 65-80° F, Moderate Humidity, Constant Wind
3 Ryderjag 01:01:06 0:03:35 20.13 mph 2006-08-02 Had a green light in Newport which gave me hope. Bacon Burps Partly Cloudy, 80-95° F, High Humidity, Light Breeze
4 Gurney 01:02:20 0:04:49 19.73 mph 2006-08-06 Getting better. Stopping for the light (or rather starting back up) was almost as unpleasant as Lear Hill Sunny, 80-95° F, High Humidity, Constant Wind
5 rockboy 01:04:37 0:07:06 19.04 mph 2006-07-29 I LIKE IT! Great Loop PJ. FYI, Slow down on hill before right turn to Pollards Mills Rd, I nearly missed it. Partly Cloudy, 80-95° F, Moderate Humidity, Gusting Wind
6 kwiley 01:05:00 0:07:29 18.92 mph 2006-08-04 Approx. time. 1:01 at lights. Dropped bike off at PJ's house. Never made it to Ryans. Sunny, 80-95° F, Light Humidity, Light Breeze
7 DanaW 01:13:25 0:15:54 16.75 mph 2006-08-13 riding an old road bike with no clips Sunny, 32-45° F, No Humidity, Light Breeze


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