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Posted: Fri Jun. 20, 2008 8:06 am
Last nite FOMBA meeting was full of good news for us singletrackies.

Jack has meet with the new forester and came away with good vibes. A very good possiblity a couple new trails later this year and reclaiming of the Clark pond trail. Nothing is final yet but all sounds good and promissing.

Next Saturday the Trail Dawgs will be doing a slight re-route on Fire Line. It will be at the huge rock in the new section. In case anyone notices a double wide trail being cut from the fire road towards the rock that goes along with the re-route. What is in the works is a memorial plaque to be placed on the rock for Ethan Howard who secumed to cancer last year. Ethan was a champion of FOMBA's and dear friend of Jack Chapmans. Ethan was instamental in the creation of the single track track system at Massabesic that we all so much enjoy.
Forum -> General Discussion -> FOMBA latest news
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