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Posted: Sun Aug. 10, 2008 6:55 pm
Was up visiting the in-laws this weekend and tried out a new ride venue. Cornish Town Forest about 15 minutes from where they live.

Hooked up with Javy (a local I've gotten to know over the years of heading up there). After about an hour of wandering around on back country fireroads and carriage trails looking for the trailhead we finally found the goods. Unfortunately it wasn't the "bikers" entrance into the park but the "hikers" entrance and went straight up a loose, steep, gnarly, wet, slippery, unridable, barely walkable climb in but it was worth it. Yeah we had to come down that same slope later :shock: ....

Becaue my 5-spot is sitting home with broken rockers, I showed up with a bazooka for a knife fight. I don't recommend a Bullit for New Hampshire XC but it did just fine.

Here's the Dreadnought hanging out with some ghosts:

It rained heavily the night before creating super slick and fun conditions. Clouds were still thick in the AM. This seemed to me the type park that would still be wet during a drought.

Found a few bridges: (Keylow would be happy with the use of chicken wire)

Javy -

However the fern lined/pine needle carpeted singletrack was everwhere.



Despite a hard time finding the trailhead - once in the park almost impossible to get lost. GREAT trail markings:

For the 2.5 hours we were in the woods it didn't dry up one bit.

A few weeks ago Pukemaster took this shot from one of the peaks:
I'm looking forward to getting up there this fall...hopefully it will be a nice clear day.

Super fun place to ride - I can't wait to get up there again now that I have a good lay of the land.
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Posted: Mon Aug. 11, 2008 3:29 pm

Any thoughts you have on the best trail head and how to find it would be appreciated as you are not the first to ask and I'm sure you won't be the last.


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Posted: Mon Aug. 18, 2008 3:28 pm
Here are the directions we use for our Tuesday night rides in the forest.

Coming to Cornish via Rt. 120: from the North (Leb, Plainfield etc...) turn right on Town House Road (Left if you're coming from Claremont) off of 120. Go 3.1 miles and turn left on Chase Hill Road (dirt road). Not far down Chase Hill Rd. is a pull off on the right (very obvious). The ride meets / starts here every week.

Coming via 12A: Go past the cornish / windsor bridge to the 12% solution (little store on the left). Stay straight at the 12% (don't continue right up the hill on 12A). Go 1.6 miles and Turn Right on Chase Hill Road.
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