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Posted: Mon May. 18, 2009 10:09 am
The weather out here is great. Getting out of town on a bike is not with mutiple stop lights and signs. After an hour of riding on the southeast side, there seemed to be a stop every couple of hundred meters. Many short steep climbs, but nothing serious.

Today I'm heading up the coast toward Del Mar for about a four hour ride. I forgot my download cable, so I won't pics till I return.


Well, I didn't make it to Del Mar, but I did get in four and half hours of riding. Several wrong turns made up most of the time. One thing I learned is that Southern Californians don't know how to get anywhere. I practiced my spanish on several occasions with positive results for the most part on local directions.

Before I left on this particular ride, I borrowed a route map from a local bike shop, but it didn't clearly show any route numbers. The print was small and I only had bike goggles so reading it was a chore in itself. The middle of the ride provided a couple of nice climbs. One about 5 miles up to Point Loma and another on my return to Point Loma from Ocean Beach with some serious grade.

I got some photos, but not the coastline shots that I was hoping for. Passing through Ocean Beach there were bike route signs taking me through an area that made me chuckle as it gave the presence of beach slums with patched tar and concrete streets that had me turning left and right constantly with short grades every now and then. Leaving Ocean Beach, I connected onto a long bike path system that followed Rte 5 for miles which took me to the other side of Mission Beach. At that point I ran out time and had to turn back to meet Laurie for an afternoon museum excursion.

It was a good experience, but too too many stop lights and signs between any consistant riding. Point Loma normally has great coastline shots, but it was too hazey at 9-10am to get any good photos.
Forum -> General Discussion -> Dana's San Diego trip 5/14-20, 2009
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