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Posted: Sun Apr. 10, 2011 7:37 pm
I was riding Springfield Loop with Keith today, and as we were coming into Newport from Sunapee noticed that the back tire was punctured. A minor irritation to an otherwise fantastic ride (gotta love it when spring finally arrives.)

Not 30 seconds after we had pulled to the side of the road, a Prius pulls over, Dan leans out and asks if we need anything. OK, that was good timing. Just to make it more interesting, about 25 seconds after that we hear PJ calling out from the elementary school playground asking the same question.

As happy as I was to get all of the help in such quick fashion, we were prepared and I waved off the assistance. Well, after riding another 200meters and going through 2 addtl tubes (the spares were apparently a bit old and dry-rotted)...ended up walking back to PJ's house to get the offered assistance. A fresh tube and some air later (thanks to the kids - it is fun watching an 80lb kid trying to put 100psi into a tire) we were back on the road.

So, thanks PJ (and fam) for the help, and to Dan for the quick pull-over to offer assistance. Its funny how serendipity works sometimes.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing everyone on the road and in the woods this summer. Hope the winter treated you well.


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Posted: Mon Apr. 11, 2011 8:27 am
Welcome to Newport Neutral Support where we try to make all bicyclist experiences positive and relaxing. Sometimes you see us sometimes you don't but we are always near just watching and waiting to help riders in distress.

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Posted: Mon Apr. 11, 2011 11:01 am
Now I feel a bit guilty about ducking down a side road when I saw you so I would not have to stop and risk missing the end of the Masters.
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