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Posted: Wed Mar. 14, 2012 4:57 pm
PJ has ordered up some more Orienteering Flags. I will be working on putting together a more detailed map of the town forest and surrounding land for the purpose of Orienteering this summer.

If the map can come together in a reasonable time frame I plan to host an Official Orienteering Event this year, probably later in the season.

If there is anyone out there who has Orienteering experience and or would like to help out with preparations and or hosting of the Orienteering Event please let me know.

The mapping is by far the biggest task that needs to happen before a date is set. I need to document a lot of features like the Frisbee Golf course, density of trees, rock walls, adjust some contour lines, add some ravines, more accurate property lines, and pretty much any other significant features like boulders, ledges, etc. That adds up to a LOT of stuff that needs to be GPSed. Ideally the GPSing gets done in the next few weeks before the leaves start to pop.

Forum -> General Discussion -> Orienteering Event in 2012
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