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Posted: Fri Jan. 25, 2008 8:42 am
Changes in Prouty 08: Capping the Number of Bikers - Read This Email!

The Prouty: 2008 CHANGES

Happy New Year to Everyone ? we hope your holidays were excellent! Thank you again for an amazing Prouty ?07. Your excitement and passion for supporting the fight against cancer is magnificent!

Here?s the scoop on Prouty ?08:

* Date: Saturday, July 12, 2008

* Place: Richmond Middle School

* Website live: week of February 4, 2008

It is extremely important that you read the information below and be sure to spread the word about the changes to your friends and new participants.


1) To manage our amazing growth with continued safety, we must cap bikers at 3200. Therefore, to make this work:

a. There will be NO day-of biker registration

b. Biker registration must be completed by Wed., July 9, or when we reach the cap ? whichever comes first

c. People who sign up to bike are on the honor system to show up (last year several hundred people signed up but didn?t show)

i. If you take one of the biker spots, we expect you to do the event or to cancel by June 20, 2008

ii. If the honor system does not work, we will explore credit card registration for next year

2) There will be No General Team Donations

a. If you fundraise as a team, you will need to tell us how to divvy up the money between team members as you send in your donations

Go to to see a map and descriptions of the new 25, 50 and 100 mile routes.

These are some of the major changes for Prouty ?08. We will continue to inform you of others as they come into play. We have heard your comments and are always working on making The Prouty a better event. If you have any questions, don?t hesitate to call (603-653-3629). We are looking forward to a fabulous 27th Annual Prouty Bike Ride & Challenge Walk!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Jean Brown

Executive Director

Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center
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