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Posted: Fri Apr. 04, 2008 1:32 pm
Could be fun

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Posted: Tue Apr. 08, 2008 9:31 am
I got this too Dan, I think they really ought to make it a tripple, you start in Manchester, end up in Leb, how you spoda get back?

Also I think the planners of this event have lost their marbles, everyone wants to do the 100 miler so what do they do, they limit the field, I sorta get this but perhaps they should just close the roads that day and have as many cyclists as they want. Now I understand we are doing this for a good cause and all, and I support that, but 100 miles is a $150 dollar minimum, so we double the milage and we do what with the fee $2,500 you say, they're crazy! Not like they are giving you 5 Star accommodations, they are putting the cyclists up in the Dartmouth dorms (for free, I suspect).

Again I support the cause but $2500 just seems crazy! That said anyone want to sponsor me???

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